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Are you willingly wanting to play legit? but are you afraid of getting vac or overwatch banned? You don't need to be afraid anymore. You can become global using this cheat, because this cheat will never turn you in! How? lemmi explain. This Cheat has many features, like Aimbot, Wallhack, Triggerbot, Radar ETC. for high-level protection, you can download and use the vac bypass that I mentioned. NoVAC Bypasser
if you use vac bypasser, your risk of get ban is reduced to much extent ! Remember, don't be too obvious & blatant with this cheat. 
Be careful to play ideally and peacefully! 

            [ How To Use ]
(Recommended First download VAC BYPASS Here )
Open CS:GO
Open Patsoox Enternal Cheat
Press "HOME" KEY And Activate the Hack.
And press the buttons according to which hack you want to activate.

[ Features ]
-No Flash
-Change Aim Mode Smooth Or Rage
-No Recoil
-Editable Config For Aimbot

[ About Config.ini ]

This is your main Aimbot Configuration file. Make sure you keep this file in the same folder of the Hack. Otherwise, the cheat may not work. I don't suggest you play with the settings here. These settings are legit settings. But if you want to use the hack as rage, you can change the settings accordingly. But I don't recommend it! Default settings do not indicate that you are using any kind of hack, and your ban rate remains low.

[ Screenshot ]

[ Video Tutorial ]

[Download The Cheat Here]