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 The most top-end and highly customizable features of this cheat are Aimbot and Wallhack (ESP). On the screenshot you can see fully customizable visual effects. See full instructions below. Good luck!

How do I open menu?
Press INSERT while focused on CS:GO window.

Where is my config file saved?
Configuration files are saved inside Osiris folder in your Documents folder (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Osiris)

How not to get banned?
To avoid being banned in the CS:GO use the VAC Bypass Loader to do this and you will be able to protect your account from being banned.


  • Aimbot - aim assistance
  • Triggerbot - automatically fires when crosshair is on enemy
  • Backtrack - abuse lag compensation to move players back in time
  • Glow- render glow effect on entities
  • Chams - color player models to improve visibility
  • Stream Proof ESP - show information about players, dropped weapons and projectiles
  • Visuals - miscellaneous visual options
  • Skin changer - change weapon skins, knives and stickers
  • Sound - modify volume of certain sound effects
  • Style - select menu window layout and colors
  • Misc - miscellaneous features
  • Config - JSON-based configuration system